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Nancy Nabil Ajram (نانسي نبيل عجرم‎) is a multi-platinum Lebanese singer and a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF. By 2007, Nancy had sold over 30 million records ranking 3rd best selling female artist in the Lebanese history. She has released seven studio albums to date and appeared in a number of music videos and commercials. She participated in the most significant Arabic festivals and won multiple awards, most importantly the 2008 World Music Award as Best-selling Middle Eastern Artist, the youngest Arab WMA winner to date. Nancy Ajram is the first and only female sponsor and spokesperson of Coca-Cola in the Middle East and Arab world. Considered by many as an Arabic music icon of the decade, Nancy was described on the Oprah Winfrey Show as one of the most influential personalities of the Middle East. With more than one million subscribers, Nancy's official facebook page is now the most subscribed Arabic artist page on Facebook. Nancy is the first arabic person that has reached this number.

Early life and beginnings

Nancy was born to a Christian (Maronite Catholic) family, father Nabil Ajram and mother Raymonda Aoun, on May 16, 1983 in Achrafieh, Beirut.

In 1995, at the age of twelve,Nancy took part in a variety show, Nojoum Al-Moustakbal, ("Stars of the Future"), a Lebanese reality television competition, which finds new solo musical talent. Nancy won a gold medal in the Tarab category after singing a song by Umm Kulthum.

Nancy studied music with renowned Lebanese musicians and despite being less than 18 years old at the time, the syndicate of professional artists in Lebanon accepted her as a member. Her first singles were titled "Hobbak Allam Albi elGheere" by Abdo Mounzer, and "Oulha Kelma Ala Shani". At the age of 15, she released her first album, Mihtagalak ("I Need You') in 1998. It was followed by Sheel Oyoonak Anni ("Stop Staring") in 2000, which achieved more success.

More personal info will be posted soon..

Marriage and motherhood

In September 2008, Nancy married Dr. Fadi Hachem after a three-year relationship; the wedding was attended mainly by close friends and family. Nancy continued her work during pregnancy, during which she filmed "Lamset Eid" and her first Sony Ericsson commercial. She also participated in several concerts, such as Layali Febrayer and received her World Music Award.

On May 16, 2009, Nancy gave birth to her first child, a daughter she named "Mila." Short for Milagrosa (miraculous in Spanish), Mila is also a traditional, Levantine name popular in rural Lebanon and meaning a "blooming tree". However, Nancy revealed that the name was Fadi's choice inspired by the Ukraine-born US actress, Mila Jovovich. Nancy released a song for her daughter, "Ya Rab Tekbar Mila" (I Pray that Mila Grows Up) on the same day. In a survey done by Rotana Magazine, Nancy was voted as the "Most Beautiful Mom" of 2009

Criticism and controversy

  • Many rumors of boycotts against Ajram's concerts filled the internet, although none appeared to be true.
  • In October 2003, a riot broke out outside a concert by Ajram in Bahrain. Islamists from the country's main opposition parties, including Al Wefaq, attacked concert goers. Al Wefaq's leaders defended the action, as it was the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. In May 2006, Ajram returned to perform in Bahrain without any incidents.
  • On her official website, Nancy Ajram has apologized for anti-Iranian remarks falsely attributed to her on a website posing as her homepage.
  • Nancy Ajram has expressed extreme anger towards recent circulating rumors in Egypt regarding the spread of nude photos of her on mobile phones. A large number of youths around Egypt and around the Arab world have been spreading nude photos of the singer supposedly taken at a women's spa for a full body wax. Nancy, however, denies the spa visit and claims such photos are fake.
  • Melissa Corken, the World Music Award representative defended the award, threatening to sue whoever claims it is bought by its recent Arab winners (Nancy Ajram,Elissa, and Amr Diab), and scandaled several Arab singers and major production company Rotana, claiming they attempted to purchase it. This came as a response to the riot caused by fans of who had a competing album for the award; however Corken shut the fuss down by announcing Ajram's album sold more; Rotana, with whom Elissa has a record label, claimed that they did not send any sales numbers internationally, showing no clear reason for that.

Awards and titles

  • 1995 Nojoom Al Mustaqbal Golden Award - (Ajram's most significant pre-stardom award)
  • 2003, 2005, 2007 Murex D'or Award - Best Female Lebanese Singer of the year, Beirut
  • 2003, 2006 Murex D'or Award - Best Video of the Year, Beirut.
  • 2003: Ya Salam - Nadine Labaki, 2006: Ehsas Jdeed - Said elMarouk)
  • 2003 The Golden Lion Award, Egypt
  • 2003, 2007 LG Music Award
  • 2003, 2005 Zahrat elKhaleej Magazine - Best Female Arab Singer, Dubai
  • 2004 Zahrat elKhaleej - Best Music Video of the Year, Dubai
  • 2004 Arabian Music Awards - Best Female Arab Singer of the year, Dubai
  • 2005 Newsweek - Most Influential Arab Personalities, Kuwait
  • 2005 - Honor from the Opera House Of Egypt
  • 2007 - Certificate from the Popr of Rome
  • 2007 Middle East Music Awards (Mobinil) - Best Female Arab Singer of the year, Cairo
  • 2007, 2009 Arabian Business - World's Most Influential Arabs, Most Influential Contemporary Female Singer in 2007 , Most Powerful Arab Singers
  • 2007 Kol elArab Survey - Best Arabic Star of the year 2007
  • 2008 9th Annual Doha Festival - Honor Award, Doha
  • 2008 World Music Award - World's Best-Selling Middle-Eastern Artist, 20th Annual WMA, Monaco
  • 2008 Student Choice Award - [College Student Survey]: Best Album of the Year 2008, Beirut
  • 2008 AlJumhuriya newspaper, Freedom Magazine - Best Female Arab Star of 2008, Egypt.. only?
  • 2009 Regional Ambassador for the UNICEF in the Middle East & North Africa
  • 2009 Al-Jazirah Newspaper survey : Best Female Arab singer of the Year. Saudi Arabia
  • 2010 Beljaw Magazine-Best selling female artist of the decade.
  • 2010 World Travel Award - Best Female world singer of the Year .
  • 2010 Dhour El shweir - Best Singer .
  • 2010 TYR - For Mother Day .
  • 2010 Sama Al Noujoum-Best Female Singer 2010/Fi hagat Best Music Video
  • 2010 Jaras Scoop Fm Survey-Best Female Singer 2010

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Another successful concert for Nancy Ajram in "Mawazeen/Morocco". The bad weather did not stop tens of thousands to surround the stage singing along with Nancy Ajram. Before the concert, Nancy had a press conference and she emphasized her sadness for the death of the great singer "Warda Al Jazairia". Nancy preferred not to answer any political questions.

أحيت النجمة نانسي عجرم حفلاً ناجحاً في مهرجان "موازين" في المغرب، ورغم الأمطار المتقطعة إلا أن عشرات الآلآف توافدوا وتفاعلوا مع أغنياتها، وعلى المسرح ارتدت نانسي معطفاً بسبب البرد. وقبل الحفل، عقد مؤتمر صحافي أكدت فيه نانسي حزنها الكبير على رحيل الفنانة الكبيرة وردة الجزائرية وحرصها على اقتباس فنها الجميل وأغانيها حاضرة في حفلاتها.

وبذكاء، امتنعت نانسي عجرم خلال المؤتمر الصحافي عن الإجابة على الأسئلة السياسية، وذلك عندما طرح عليها سؤال عن الأوضاع السورية حالياً قائلة: "أعتذر منكم ولكنني لن أجيب على أي سؤال سياسي، وأنا فنانة ولا أريد الحديث عن السياسة، لكنني قبل أن أكون فنانة فأنا مواطنة وأتاثر بالأحداث الحالية، وأتمنى أن التغيير الحاصل يكون في صالح العالم العربي"





Nancy Ajram receives the Key Of Las Vegas !


Nancy Ajram receives the Key Of Las Vegas city as a gift from the mayor for the great work she has been given through her art career and for the women's and children's rights also for her great role in the Arab society.

وكانت نانسي قد إستملت من رئيس بلدية لاس فيغاس مفتاح المدينة تكريماً لعطاءاتها الفنية وعملها في مجال حقوق المرأة والطفل وحقوق الانسان كسفيرة لليونسيف ولتمثيلها المشرف للمجتمع العربي


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