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Nawal George Al Zoghbi was Born to a Maronite Catholic family in the coastal small town of Jbeyl, she holds a Canadian citizenship. Nawal is the oldest born among three brothers and one sister.   Nawal began singing at an early age, despite familial opposition to the lifestyle of a musician. Members of her family changed their minds when they realized she was serious in her ambitions. In 1988 she participated in the Lebanese talent show (Studio El Fan). In 1990 she married Lebanese music manager Elie Deeb and went on to have three children with him. The couple legally separated in 2008, Al Zoghbi is currently waiting for the Maronite Catholic Church to recognize their divorce. She filed divorce in August 2008 and due to Lebanon's sectarian system, Nawal is still waiting appealing for the Maronite church a 2nd time to recognize and grant nullity of the marriage. They had three children: a daughter Tia (b. 1998), and twin sons Georgy and Joey (b. 2001). She released a song titled Tia in 1999, which was dedicated to her daughter and her birth. Nawal runs a production company named after her daughter, Tia Productions


Nawal & Politics

Nawal has started her career by a patriotic song "Ya Watani ma nsina" dedicated to the Lebanese army. She has also released a song on her own dedicated to Palestine called "Ya Quds" ("O Jerusalem"). She participated in several political singles such as "Ya Omati", "Hikayt Watan", a song with other Lebanese singers for the liberation of South Lebanon, and "La Ma Kholsit Le Hkayeh", following the death of Ragik Hariri.

Latest updates (2009–2010)

On 29 May 2009, Nawal released the single, "Mona Ainah", which is in the Khaliji dialect. It began airing on radio stations in the Middle East, and was performed first time on the programme Star Academy 6, on the same day. After much problems with Rotana not wanting to air it, "Mona Ainah" was then released by Melody in October 2009, as a music video directed by Yehya Saade. Al Zoghbi spent her own money to make the video. Nawal left Rotana in October 2009, and signed on with Melody who will produce her next album, that was due out for release in the summer of 2010. However,due to people's preoccupation with the World Cup 2010 games, Al Zoghbi was one of the many singers in the Middle East who decided to postpone the release of their albums that summer until the end of Ramadan later in the year. Everyone thinks that She will compose an English song with American Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias in 2010 or 2011 which there will be few Arabic lyrics for her



  • "Lions" Award for the best singer in Lebanon & Jordan
  • "Best Female Singer" in Lebanon
  • "Best Female Singer" in Arabic World


  • "Best Singer" in the UAE


  • "First Arabic Singer"
  • Best Female (Jordan)
  • Best Female (Lebanon)
  • Best Female (Egypt)
  • Artist of the Year


  • Best Lebanese Singer
  • Best Arabic Singer (Egypt)


  • Murex D'or Award: Best Female Lebanese Singer of the year
  • Arab Music Awards: Best Female Singer
  • Arab Music Awards: Overall Best Song
  • Best Arabic Singer (Egypt)
  • Best Album (Lebanon)
  • Best Lebanese Singer


  • Best Arabic Singer (Egypt)


  • Best Arabic Singer
  • Album of The Year "Yama Alou"
  • Song of the Year "Yama Alou"
  • Clip of the Year "Yama Alou"
  • Best Dancing Song of the Year "Yama Alou"
  • Best Album "Yama Alou" (Lebanon Entertainment—LE)
  • Best Song "Yama Alou" (Lebanon Entertainment—LE)
  • Best Video "Yama Alou" (Lebanon Entertainment—LE)
  • Best Dance Song "Yama Alou" (Lebanon Entertainment—LE)
  • Entertainer Of The Week- 10 Times (Lebanon Entertainment—LE)
  • Entertainer Of The Year (Lebanon Entertainment—LE)
  • Best Fans for a singer (Lebanon Entertainment—LE)
  • Best Arabian Artist (Arabian Awards)


  • Best Arabic Singer (T-A-C)
  • Song of the Year "Aghla El Habayeb" (T-A-C)
  • Clip of the Year "Aghla El Habayeb" (T-A-C)
  • Best Dancing Song of the Year "Adi" (T-A-C)
  • Best Song "Aghla El Habayeb " (Lebanon Entertainment—LE)
  • Best Video "Aghla El Habayeb" (Lebanon Entertainment—LE)
  • Best Dance Song "Adi" (Lebanon Entertainment—LE)
  • Best Lebanese Song "Aghla El Habayeb (Lebanon Entertainment—LE)
  • Best Khaliji Song for 'Adi' (Lebanon Entertainment—LE)
  • Entertainer Of The Year (Lebanon Entertainment—LE)
  • Best Fans for a singer (Lebanon Entertainment—LE)
  • Best Fan Group (Lebanon Entertainment—LE)
  • Best Website (Lebanon Entertainment—LE)
  • Fashion Idol (Lebanon Entertainment—LE)
  • Best Concert "Cartage" (Lebanon Entertainment—LE)
  • Best Artist In A TV Show appearance for Kanat Khamas Noujoum
  • Voting Star Winner (Lebanon Entertainment—LE)
  • Best Arabian Artist (Arabian Awards)
  • Artist of the Year (JE Awards)
  • Gold Dulex Album (JE Awards)
  • Favorite Female Artist (JE Awards)
  • Best Dressed Artist (JE Awards)
  • Most Famous in America (JE Awards)
  • Most Likely to Have the Best 2008 (JE Awards)
  • Best Album of The Year "Yama Alou" (JE Awards)
  • Best Khaliji Song for "Adi" (JE Awards)
  • Video of the Year "Aghla El Habayeb" (JE Awards)
  • Arab Hottie (JE Awards)


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Nawal El Zoghbi announced to Aljadeed TV that she blames the Lebanese festivals' (Byblos, Beyt El Din, & Baalbeck) committee for having foreign artists instead of Lebanese artists to run them, where as the Lebanese stars are being respected more and running more Arab shows/festivals where they feel more respected and appreciated.

في تصريح خاص ، أكدت النجمة نوال الزغبي أنها تلوم وتعتب على المهرجانات اللبنانية أمثال مهرجانات بعلبك وبيت الدين وبيبلوس، وذلك لأن اللجان المنظمة تستبعد الفنانين اللبنانيين وتركّز على الفنانين الأجانب، في وقت يقف نجوم لبنان على مسارح المهرجانات العربية لأنهم يقدرونهم كما يجب.

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The cedar tree is a
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It represents peace,
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