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Haifa Mohammed Wehbe (هيفاء  محمد وهبي‎) is a model, actress & a singer who rose to fame in the Arab world as runner up to Miss Lebanon and later through the release of her debut album "Houwa El-Zaman ( هو الزمن‎) in 2002 and is best known through her music for her sex appeal, provocative mannerisms and image, Wehbe is also widely considered a sex symbol in the Middle East. She has so far released four studio albums and made her acting debut in 2008 Pepsi-produced film "Sea of Stars". Wehbe is one of the most well-known female singers in the Arab World and is considered one of the most successful Lebanese singers. In 2006, she was on People Magazine's 50 most beautiful people list

Personal Life:

Wehbe is a Shia Lebanese Muslim though her mother is Egyptian, and she has three sisters. Wehbe's brother died at the age of 24 during the 1982 Israeli invasion of Lebanon.  Wehbe's daughter has been living with her father since her parents divorce. In 2008 Wehbe's daughter was married in a private ceremony. As of 2010, Zeinab Zaza and her father are living in Kuwait.

In 2005, Wehbe announced her engagement to a Saudi businessman Tariq Al-Jaffali. After only a few weeks, she and her fiancé decided to split for personal reasons and family issues.

On June 25, 2007, Wehbe survived an accident while filming a music video for the song "Hasa Ma Bena" in Lebanon. In the video, a single engine airplane was to chase Wehbe as she drove a car. However, the airplane inadvertently hit the car, taking off the front windshield of the convertible she was driving. Despite the severity of the accident, Wehbe suffered only minor cuts and bruises.

Haifa married Egyptian businessman Ahmad Abu Husheima on April 24, 2009 in Beirut mong the guests at the wedding party were singer Anastacia, Stacia, Googoosh, Kim Kardashian, Nawal Al Zoughbi, Najwa Karam, Ragheb Alama, Ahlam & Sherine.


Haifa's Beauty:

Wehbe was ranked 49th in the 2006 Edition of the Top 99 Most Desirable Women by the website Askmen.com. She was also ranked number 6 in the AskMen.com's 10 Hottest Arab Women article.

Some in the more conservative Arab countries deem her revealing outfits scandalous. One Bahraini member of parliament called her a sexual singer who spoke with her body, not her voice. Wehbe said she was aware of the efforts to ban her from performing at the concert but had chosen to ignore their attempts to silence her.

"I am a performer and not a politician," Haifa said. "I know my fans want me I am there for them. I am not concerned with the other issues."

In April 2008, the Islamist-dominated parliament of Bahrain passed a motion urging the government to ban Haifa Wehbe's show in the country. As a result of the motion, Wehbe performed in Bahrain with more modest dress, wearing a long green gown with a low V-neckline during the performance.



  • 2002:The "Golden Lion" Award in Egypt.
  • 2004: Best Young Female Arab singer in Egypt.
  • 2005:The Oscar for "ninashnash" for her song "Baddi Esh"  from her second album.
  • 2005:The "Murex d'Or" award with the title "Best Artist of the Year".
  • 2006:The "Murex d'Or" award with the title "Best Artist of the Year".
  • 2009:The "Murex d'Or" award with title "Most Popular Lebanese Singer"
  • 2010:The "Murex d'Or" award with the title "Best singer actress"
  • 2010: The "ART" Award for her role in her first Egyptian Film "Dokkan Shehata"


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After the comments Haifa Wehby wrote on her twitter about "Latifa", Latifa's response came fast. She announced to (Sayyedati Magazine) that it's for Haifa's own good to not be on my show because Haifa is not a singer as she said that about herself. And my show (Yallah Nghani/on MBC) is for singers only and not for dancers. Latifa asks Haifa, "what made you upset for you to curse me and my mom? I like Haifa and her art which can be categorized under Monologue and once I have it in the show then she's welcome to be in". Latifa kept going "How's my guests' reaction going to be? After I had Sherine Abed El Wahhab, Angham, Samira Saeed, in addition to Nancy Ajram, Elissa and Yara? I personally do not participate in any dancing show because I'm not a dancer.

وفي ردٍ على ردّ هيفا، قالت لطيفة: هيفا نجمة على "راسي وعيني"، لكن ليس من صالحها أن تكون ضيفتي في برنامج من شروط الضيف أن يكون مطرباً أو مطربة، وهيفا قد سبق لها وصرّحت بأنّها ليست مطربة، فكيف لي أن أستضيفها في برنامجي طالما هي لا تعترف بنفسها أنّها مطربة؟ وأنا أسأل هيفا ما الذي زعّلها حتى تشتمني وتشتم والدتي؟ أنا أحبها وأحبّ فنّها الذي يندرج في فئة "المونولوغ"، فإذا استحدثنا فقرة "مونولوغ" في البرنامج حينها أستضيفها. إذ، وبعدما استضفت شيرين عبد الوهّاب وأنغام وسميرة سعيد إضافة إلى نانسي عجرم وإليسا ويارا، فكيف سيكون موقفي إذا قلت إنّني أريد هيفا ضيفتي؟ وما سيكون حينها موقف ضيوفي تجاه البرنامج؟! إذا قلت إنّني أريد هيفا ضيفتي؟ وما سيكون حينها موقف ضيوفي تجاه البرنامج؟! فبرنامجي اسمه "يلا نغنّي" وليس "يلا نرقص". فأنا مثلاً أرفض المشاركة في برنامج فيه رقص، لأنّني غير متمكّنة من الرّقص، وأدواتي الفنيّة هي الغناء لا الرّقص بحسب ما صرّحت لـ "سيدتي".



Latifa's response to a journalist about what if the "MBC" channel asked you to invite the super star "Haifa Wehbe" to your 'Yallah Nghanni/Let's Sing Show', was:" Haifa has nothing to with singing, & that's something Haifa said about herself and for sure she's not allowed to be in our show as of the way it is; However, if the way our show changes, and we needed the quality of Haifa's singing, we may have her in our show. Quickly Haifa's response came hard on her Twitter by saying "Latshifa (لطشيفة )" addig "Sh" in the middle of her name as if she's to make fun of her name continuing "I don't care about you or your show and who gave you the permission to mention my name at the time where my new Album MJK  is getting a huge success!


Contact Information

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WEBSITE: www.haifawehbeh.com
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