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May Hariri is a singer & an actress born on December 24, 1972 in South Lebanon. She is a pop artist as well as an actor. She is the ex-wife of singer Melhem Barakat. Like most teenagers, May at a young age was attracted to the arts, and especially to becoming a pop star. While life had a different road set for her, May kept her dream in mind and at the right time, she ventured with all her strength to achieve her lifetime goal. With the release of May Hariri’s first Music Video, she unleashed to the Arab world a combination of wild, sensual and enchanting concepts with the clip of her debut single “Ha Sahhar Ouyounou”. The Music Video was filled with surprising and courageous ideas that flabbergasted the fans and media alike. Many of Lebanon’s leading opinions in the music industry like the esteemed Melhem Barakat and Simon Asmar expressed their support and trust in May‘s work. Melhem Barakat even added his own vocal effects to one of the tracks on her album. Walking the brick road of fame, and already capturing the audience with her beauty, sensuality and wildness, May Hariri will give her fans a sweet voice and super performance. In 2007 May Hariri started her first line of jewelry in Kuwait.

The stardom, which May achieved in an unprecedented short period of time, was reflected through the vast number of all the successful festivals and tours she performed in her first year.


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The latest announcement for May Hariri caused a big noise in the Arabic journalism when she said that "Najwa Karam" screams when sings. However, in a special interview with Aljadeed Tv, May Hariri surprised everyone when said that she loves Najwa Karam whose been the most glaring singer in the Arab countries for the past two years. Also, May said" When I described her as a teacher, I meant that she'e a serious person with her thoughts and I did not mean to disrespect her in anyway and I really like her.


أثارت تصريحات مي حريري مؤخراً ضجّة كبيرة في الصحافة بعدما إنتقدت فيها نجوى كرم، خصوصاً عندما قالت أنها "تصرّخ" في غنائها.. وفي تصريح خاص لموقعنا، فوجئنا بنفي مي حريري أن تكون قد أساءت لنجوى كرم إذ قالت إنها تحبها كثيراً، وأن نجوى هي الفنانة الأبرز على الساحة العربية خلال السنتين الماضيتين.. وقالت مي: عندما وصفتها بأستاذ المدرسة خانني التعبير، فأنا قصدت أنها جدية وصارمة بآرائها ولكني لم أقصد الإساءة إليها، وأؤكد أني أحبها.وبهذا تكون مي حريري قد وضعت من خلالنا حداً للجدل الذي أثير حول خلافها مع نجوى كرم


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It represents peace,
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