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Simon Asmar (سيمون اسمر) is a producer, born on January 2, 1943. Married to Nada Kreidi and have three kids (Wasseem, Kareem & Basheer). Simon along with Alfred Barakat created "Studio El Fan" which was the first and top Lebanese talent show broadcast on Télé Liban during the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s in Lebanon and throughout the Arab world. Like the Olympics, the show ran every four years for an entire calendar year. Contestants from all over Lebanon completed. The best contestants in the different singing categories were awarded gold, silver or bronze medals. In the 1990s, the show was bought by the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation (LBC). In 2009, the show was bought again by Murr Television, and the show is currently airing with a whole new format. Simon's show is credited for  being the launching platform for many of today's Lebanese and Arab stars, such as Majida El Roumi, Walid Toufic, Ragheb Alama, Diana Haddad, Nawal Al Zoghbi, Elissa, Wael Kfoury, Rami Ayach, Bassem Feghali, Sara Al Hani, Jean-Marie Riachi, Fares Karam, Fadl Shaker, Assi El Hellani, Maya Nasri, Youssef Cheayto, Suzanne Tamim and many more.



The producer Simon Asmar is pressing heavily on the Murex D'or management to choose Anwar Noor to win the 2011 best Young Artist Award especially after he graduated from Studio El Fan which was displayed on MTV (2010).


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The cedar tree is a
prominent feature of the Lebanese flag.
It represents peace,
immortality and
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