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Sabah ( صباح) singer and actress whose career stretches from 1943 to the present. She has released over 50 albums and has acted in 98 movies, as well as 20 stage plays. She is among the most prolific Arab singers, with a reported 3,500 songs in her repertoire.

Early life

Sabah Birth name Jeannette Gergi Feghali) born in Wadi Chahrour, Lebanon. In her youth she started acting in school with roles such as "Amira Hend".


In the 1940s she started singing and acting in Egyptian movies.

Still a prominent performer at the age of 82, Sabah continues to perform both in concert and on television, including programs like Lebanon's Star Academy  (the Arabic equivalent of the United Kingdom's Fame Academy ) where she sang her new single on a stage lined with manneguins displaying costumes from several of her early films and musicals.

Sabah is known to her fans by the diminutive Sabbouha and is also called Al Shahroura, or "Song Bird". She is well-known for her ability to sustain a single note for over a minute when performing in the Lebanese 'ataba  style. Lately, she said that her "off" used to last for 50 seconds.

Her only European TV performance was in 1980, when she was a guest on the French TV show Le Grand Echiquier where she performed "Saidi" and the duet "Aal Naddaa" with French singer Enrico Macias.

In the 90s, Sabah and her former husband Fadi Lubnan (Kuntar) made a documentary about her life.

In 2005, Sabah released a new dance single and in 2006 a duet with Lebanese singer Rola. It is a remake of a 1970s hit. The accompanying video, in which Sabah is shown as "the notorious diva" to whom her younger colleague pays tribute, has received wide play on Arabic music channels.

On November 10, 2007, while celebrating her birthday with friends, Sabah received a rose and a phone call from General Aoun. She has also in recent years developed a close collaboration with singer Rola Saad in remaking some of her old hits, such as Yana Yana.

Sabah was hosted on TV program on Monday 31 of May 2010 on "AKHER MAN YA3LAM".



Sabah has been married seven times. Her marriage with Najib Shammas lasted five years. Her marriage with Egyptian violinist Anwar Mansy lasted four years with whom she had a daughter. She also married Egyptian television presenter Ahmed Farrag, Egyptian actor Rushdy Abaza, (to whom she was married for three days only. Joe Hammoud, Wassim Tabbara, and Fadi Kuntar. Lately, she said that all her husbands have taken advantage of her career; especially, when she was at her summit of fame. She also admitted that her big love was Rushdy Abaza. Sabah was named by her former husbands as "Madame Bank" because she used to spend her money generously on the people she loved.

There were rumors that she was engaged to Amr Mihio ("Mr. Lebanon") in 2003. When the relationship ended in 2004, she admitted that it had been a stunt to launch Amr's acting career. In April 2008, a publication with photos announced that she got married to Joseph Gharib, her hair dresser for 17 years. It was later revealed that she was only pulling an April Fool's joke on the public.

Sabah has two children. Her son Sabah from her marriage with Najib Chammas is a doctor and is married to to his cousin Zeina Chammas, "her father Co-Star with Sabah in the movie Awwal Nazra". Her daughter Howayda Mansy from her marriage with Anwar Mansy is a dance teacher in the United States. Sabah has two grandchildren, Danielle Chammas and Naji Chammas, who both live in California.


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Which politician called il Sabou7a?..

The super star "Sabah" entered "Heart Of Jesus" hospital after she wasn't feeling well to continue taking her medication in the hotel where she stays. The weird thing is that none of the politicians had called or asked about her health except for the General Michel Aoun who sent her flowers and called her personally to check on her and wish her to get better soon.

دخلت الفنانة صباح إلى مستشفى "قلب يسوع" بعد وعكة صحيّة ألمت بها، وخرجت على أن تكمل علاجها في الفندق الذي تنزل فيها حيث تتم مراقبتها بشكل دقيق، واللافت أن أي سياسي لم يتصل أو يسأل عن الصبوحة بإستثناء العماد ميشال عون الذي أرسل باقة ورد إلى المستشفى بإسمه، كما إتصل بها شخصياً مطمئناً ومتمنياً لها الصحة والشفاء.

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