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Melhem Zein, also transliterated Melhem Zain ( ملحم زين‎) is a well-known pan-Arab singer. He is married to the daughter of Ali Salim al-Beidh, the former President of Democratic Republic of Yemen.

Earlier, when he was 16, Melhem Hussein Zein first participated in an Amateur Singing Program called Kaas Al Nojoum (The Cup of the Stars) on the Lebanese LCD Channel for singing Mohammad Abd El Wahab's "Ya Jarat Al Wadi" (The Neighbour of the Valley).

His pan-Arab stardom came particularly after coming third in Super Star  1, the Pan-Arab version of Pop Idol . Melhem receives the title of "Al Rayyes" (The Boss) of the Lebanese folklore songs from George Ibrahim El Khouri  and his fans for singing Lebanese singer Wadih El Safi's "Endak Bahriyya Ya Rayyes" on Super Star.  Demonstrations and riots erupted throughout Lebanon when it was known he had been eliminated in the semi-finals by the pan-SArab voting against finalists Diana Karazon (From Jordan), the eventual winner of the series and Rouwaida Attieh (from Syria), the eventual runner-up. But despite his defeat in the semi-finals, he became a very successful pabn-Arab artist.

Zein has released three albums Enti Msheeti  (2004), Baddi Hibbik (2006) and Aalawa (2008). All three albums have enjoyed great success throughout the Arab World solidifying Melhem's status as a star.

Melhem includes Wadih El Safi, Mohammed Abd El Wahhab and Nazem Al Ghazali as his main musical inspirations.


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Melhim Zein spoke live with Aljadeed Tv about the false news publishing his death in Australia. Melhim announced that he's in Lebanon and the last time he visited Australia was over a year ago. Melhim also said that his enemies who are jealous of his success are spreading these false news and it will not take them anywhere because he does not care and will always be on top of their hearts.
نفى الفنان ملحم زين في اتصال مع قناة "الجديد" نبأ وفاته في استراليا بحسب ما ذكرت بعض الرسائل والمواقع الالكتروني  وقال ملحم زين انه موجود في لبنان وبألف خير متهماً من اسماهم "أعداء النجاح" بتلفيق تلك الإشاعة، مضيفاً ان شخصاً مجهولاً يقوم بمثل هذا العمل هدفه الأذية فقط ونفى وجوده خارج لبنان قائلاً ان آخر مرة زار فيها استراليا كانت منذ اكثر من سنة وقال ملحم "اذا كان المقصود من تلك الشائعة وفاتي فنياً فأنا قاعد على قلوبهم.. مش فارقة معي والاشاعة ما خضّتني

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